Influencer outreach service

People are talking online. They're talking about products, services, experiences, and travel; they're sharing their hobbies, hopes, dreams, passions, aspirations, memories, and fascinations, online. Blogger outreach is a process by which we identify the influencers in your space and engage them on behalf of your brand.

We do two types of blogger outreach: A-List and Long-Tail. Long tail blogger outreach is one of the services that sets Influence Bazar apart from other Digital PR firms. Most firms focus only on blogger outreach to A-listers. While this is effective for getting a lot of eyeballs on the initial post, the story is quickly buried due to the high frequency of posts.

Influence Bazar focuses on reaching the long-tail.

We contact thousands of bloggers in your target demographic, and individually interact with every blogger who expresses interest. This results in hundreds of positive posts about your brand, and Google algorithms take notice organically boosting your SEO rankings.

Over the past few years, we’ve engaged influencers at scale and have several valuable contacts in media pertaining to your business.

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Our strategy is beneficial for relationship development, link building, and content promotion. Moreover, it helps your company exchange value with industry leaders and increase your awareness of future trends.

Influencer Marketing

We have relationships with some of the finest influencers around the world. We can create a closer connection with your audience by introducing your product or service to our network of micro-influencers and celebrities.

Search Engine Optimization

Today’s search engines are getting smarter and more complex. At Influence Bazar, we keep up with the latest search algorithm changes so your rankings keep improving.

Social Media Marketing

Whether it’s through ads, boosted posts and re-targeting, or strong ad copy, video and attractive visuals, our team helps you reach more people, drive more traffic and realize more sales for your company.